Megan Thee Stallion on Becoming the "Villain" After the Tory Lanez Shooting

"I don't know if people don't take it seriously because I seem strong," she said of being ridiculed after allegedly being shot by the rapper in 2020.

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Megan Thee Stallion is opening up about dealing with the aftermath of rapper Tory Lanez allegedly shooting her in July 2020.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the "Savage" rapper went into detail about the vicious battle with Tory Lanez supporters online, her physical recovery from the bullet wounds, and the consequences she wants Lanez to face.

"I want him to go to jail," Megan said of the rapper. "I want him to go under the jail."

Lanez allegedly shot Megan in the foot while they and Kelsey Harris, Megan's former best friend from Houston, were driving back from a pool party held at Kylie Jenner's house. During the drive, Harris and Lanez began to argue. Megan asked the driver to let her out of the car and was convinced to get back in, but the argument continued to heat up. As she exited the car once more, Lanez reportedly told Megan, "Dance bitch!" as he fired gunshots at her feet, an LAPD detective testified.

She recalled to Rolling Stone that she crawled to a stranger's driveway as Lanez began asking for her forgiveness and offering money to keep her quiet. Fearing how police may react to an armed Black man, Megan said she initially told cops that she stepped on glass in order to protect him and herself. She later revealed that Lanez allegedly shot her when memes and rumors began to crop up online that made light of her traumatic experience.

"I thought we had a real connection. I thought he knew me. And I never would've thought he would've shot at me at all," she told the magazine of her friendship at the time with the rapper. The two had bonded over the deaths of their mothers. "I never put my hands on this man. I never did anything to him. There was an argument. People argue every day. Friends argue every day. ... I thought everybody in the car was my friend, [and] the whole time, that's not how they thought of me. That's what really hurts."

She had to undergo surgery the night of the shooting and spent approximately four days in the hospital. Afterward, she still had to undergo physical therapy in order to learn how to walk again.

"I still have bullet fragments in my feet right now," she continued. "I was very scared that I was not able to be Megan Thee Stallion no more. And I was fucked up."

Other than having to overcome the trauma of the shooting, Megan said that being villainized by Lanez's fans has impacted her mental health.

"In some kind of way I became the villain," she said. "And I don't know if people don't take it seriously because I seem strong. I wonder if it's because of the way I look. Is it because I'm not light enough? Is it that I'm not white enough? Am I not the shape? The height? Because I'm not petite? Do I not seem like I'm worth being treated like a woman?"

She added that she feels a need to present herself confidently despite the backlash from the disbelievers. "I'm trying every day to get through it and be good. I feel so bad because I don't feel like anybody's taking me seriously, but I don't want them to see me cry," she said. "I don't want them to know that I feel like this, because I don't want them to feel like, 'Oh, I got you. I'm breaking you.'"

In October 2020, Lanez was charged in connection with the shooting, with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office claiming that he could face a possible maximum sentence of 22 years and eight months in state prison.

This past April, he was arrested for reportedly violating a pre-trial protective order that prohibited him from contacting Megan or discussing any discovery in the case with outside parties. He was later released on bond.

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