Carolyn Murphy and Adeam Designer Hanako Maeda on their Capsule Collection

The selection of fine-gauge knits and summer tailoring is available at the New York and Tokyo-based brand’s new Madison Avenue flagship.

adeam x carolyn murphy
Courtesy of Adeam

To celebrate her New York and Tokyo-based, minimalism-inspired label Adeam’s 10th anniversary, designer Hanako Maeda has partnered with model Carolyn Murphy on a 12-piece capsule of fine-gauge knits and summer tailoring. The results — featuring sustainable fabrics including recycled sheer cupro, biomass cotton linen, organic cotton denim, eco-jersey, and recycled cotton cashmere —are available at Adeam’s Madison Avenue flagship, which opens today. Maeda spoke with Murphy during an online chat joining Tokyo and Los Angeles. Reuniting after a long time, the two discussed the creation of this special collection.

Carolyn Murphy: This collaboration is really special to me, because it all started with my love affair with Japan. Japan is where I started my modeling career as a teenager. I’ve been fascinated by it ever since.

Hanako Maeda: When we first spoke, you talked of your fond memories of Japan. You told me about your life in Tokyo, the fascinating aspects of Kyoto. As someone who’s Japanese, I was so happy to hear about these episodes. I was also impressed by the mood board you made, which incorporated aspects of Japan from many angles, such as ceramic pieces or fall foliage in Kyoto.

CM: Yes, the collection also incorporates Japan’s nature, seasons, ceramics, art, and scenes from movies as inspiration.

HM: Carolyn, your wardrobe was also a source of inspiration for this collection. You told us that you chose essential style pieces, such as vintage trench coats, cotton T-shirts, and great textured knitwear, which you would like to leave behind for your daughter. As a designer, it was so rewarding to be able to find new interpretations of items selected from the wardrobe of a woman who has been active in the fashion world for many years: items that are filled with love and stories.

CM: Every item is a classic, but you’ve added a little modern edge to them. You suggested various ideas, which evolved into new pieces. I was just amazed by your creative sensibility. The design process was beautiful and poetic in many ways. You’ve created perfect items that are timeless, feminine, and will be lovingly worn for many years to come.

adeam x carolyn murphy
Adeam’s Madison Avenue pop-up
Courtesy of Adeam

HM: Our goal for this project was to create a collection that would suit a wide variety of women around the world. These are not dreamlike pieces, but rather pieces that will live every day with the women who wear them. During our meetings, the two of us felt that our ideas were very close. The same is true of our desire to cherish nature and sustainability. I believe that was also a major driving force for this project.

CM: From a sustainability standpoint, the materials are unique. Biomass cotton linen, Oeko-Tex rayon, organic denim, and recycled cotton cashmere. All have their usual appeal in terms of pleasant feel and gorgeous texture. Although this collaboration began during the pandemic and our interactions were mainly through online meetings, we’ve fostered a great relationship of mutual respect. I really love this collection. Every day I love to wear my hoodie knits and I get compliments from all kinds of people!

HM: I’m very happy to hear it! I look forward to seeing you in person at the next Fashion Week in September. And when you come to Japan next, let’s go shopping together in Tokyo.

CM: Absolutely! My daughter loves fashion and she’ll be overjoyed too.

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